Lunch Time Conversations

  • (Me eating a pear)
  • Boy: Ms. Lewis, whats that weird apple you eaten?
  • Girl: That aint no apple. What fruit that is?!
  • Boy: It kinda look like apple.
  • Me: It's a pear.
  • Boy: What the heck is a pear? Is it a apple?
  • (Other teacher directing students to use their napkins)
  • Teacher: They give you napkins with your lunch for a reason.
  • Boy: Here I go. (puts his napkin in his shirt collar) Now Imma eat like a rich person. You know how they be putting napkins to cover up they fancy shirts.


The next couple months are looking pretty good - not just because I’m starting a new chapter of my life.

April 17th - Gram and Aunt Grace are visiting 
April 25-26th - DISNEY!!
May 2nd - Last Day of Internship
May 13th - Graduation
May 23rd - Leave for California
May 24th - Maggie and Samir’s Wedding
May 25th-30th - Family and California traveling
June 9th-August 8th - Working with my professor in a clinical research summer program assessing and tutoring struggling readers age 4-12

I can’t wait!!!

Stumbling around Walgreens, waiting for my prescription…

"Excuse me ma’am. Do you work here?"
"No I don’t."
"I’m sorry."
"No problem."
"It’s just that you look so professional I assumed…"
"haha well thank you"

I am now an obsessed 13 year old girl!!!!

I am now an obsessed 13 year old girl!!!!

Internship Days

These are my kind of days! Firstly, I meet two students today named (I kid you not) Chemistry and Mystery. Next, while we were cleaning up at the end of the day, one student stands in the middle of the room and shouts at the top of his lungs, “I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA! ALL SHALL FEAR AND LOVE ME!” Finally, Got a hug from a child I had spent all of twenty minutes with who told me how much he loved me and wished I could be his teacher forever. 



8 weeks down, 8 weeks to go!

Things are looking better - I am still struggling with basic classroom management issues but since introducing the money things are going a little better.

Next observation is Tuesday and I have spent most of today writing up the next week’s science unit on force, motion, push, and pull. Hopefully they get something out of this one


I am seriously sitting here laughing like a crazy person at how excited I am for my next big lesson. The kids have spent the last three weeks reading stories and answering prompts that require them to retell the article and use text evidence to support their writing. I want to focus more on that because it is still causing them a great deal of difficulty. I am going to break them up into groups and write, as they have been doing on their own, but this time they will be given a mystery bag and they are to write using each one of the items found inside. Ex: One bag will contain a bowl, a ban, sprinkles, frosting, and a box of cake mix. The main concept the paper will describe is how to make a cake. The items will be the supporting pieces of the paper and will showcase how each piece is important to the overall topic or prompt. Hopefully this will be a fun way for them to get the concept and use it for future use.


I am very close to a complete and total nervous break down

Internship Update

First and foremost, I survived my first week of internship! I am excited and can not stop thinking about all the incredible things I want to do. I was under the impression it was a Montessori class, which it technically is not. The teacher is a Montessori trained teacher and has all the materials to incorporate in lessons. She taught Montessori the last couple of years and has consistently raised student scores and reading levels. The principal had a group of struggling students that were on track for retention that he wanted her to take on. They are second graders on kindergarten and first grade levels - many can barely make out basic letter sounds. The day is entirely aimed at independent instruction, working on each child’s specific level and trying to get them up one by one, rather than as a whole group. She is given a sense of freedom in her teaching styles and flow of the day, which is great for me and my lessons. With their school days being so intensive and pushed for math and reading, I am really hoping to do most of my lessons in a science driven direction - helping them build basic reading and math skills, while allowing them to get involved in their learning and letting them have some fun. I am still trying to get a handle on how I am supposed to do everything, but the fact that I have such a supportive teacher and a wide range of possibilities gives me a serious sense of relief and anticipation for what I can accomplish! 

Side note - I would like to try and find things from each day (or more like week if schedule permits) that I found funny/interesting/inspiring/etc.

Very intense conversation I had as the students were leaving today…

Boy: When we leavin cause I’m comin’ home with you today. 
Me: You are? 
Boy: Yeah. What we gonna do when we get there?
Me: Well I don’t know that you can just come over without asking your mom.
Boy: She wouldn’t have to get me or anything. I would be spending the weekend with you and then when you come back on Tuesday it will be less work for my mom cause you can just take me to school.
Me: I’m sure your mom would miss you and I wouldn’t have anywhere for you to sleep anyway.
Boy: You got a living room right?! I can just sleep there!
Other Boy: If he stayin at your house, I’m coming too!
Boy: SHE AINT GOT ENOUGH ROOM FOR US BOTH! Besides, I asked first.

(Barely day three and I’m already thinking it is going to be very hard to say goodbye to this group!)

My Name is Madeleine
and I'm a Clean Teen.

I am whinny, self indulgent, and
I laugh at just about everything.
I would love to drop everything
I'm doing and travel the world.
I love learning about history and random facts that I can later
blurt out at social gatherings.
The stories I tell are usually pointless and unless you are some sort of scientist, chances are you will never know what I am talking about.
I may be a complete mess, but love me or hate me, I am that I am.